Join our community of talented tutors

We're firm advocates for the life-changing impact that personalized, one-on-one tutoring can have on a student's academic journey. If you share this conviction, we invite you to become part of our tutoring community.

Image of a tutor.
Image of a tutor.

Why partner with us?

Our focus on learner-tutor fit and our modern video-focused directory sets us apart. We showcase who you are to help connect you with more motivated learners, and empower you to keep more control over your business.

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Unique and authentic video

High quality video profiles highlighting your personality attract motivated learners and parents.

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Maximize your earning potential

You set your own rates. Earn more income while making a difference.

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Autonomy and independence

Maintain complete control over your schedule. Only take on new clients when desired. No contract.

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Cross-channel marketing

We leverage google, youtube, social media, and other channels to showcase you.

How we invest in you


Transparent pricing and a plan specifically tailored to your business needs.

Initial time investment
~30 minute filming session with our team
2-3 minute professional introductory video
Video production: free
Custom editing by our professional videographers
Video usage rights provided for your own marketing
Platform fee
20% commission per tutoring session
You are paid in bulk, bi-monthly
You set your own rates, maximizing your earnings
All payments are processed through TutorLyft
Sessions happen virtually or in-person

It’s easier than you think. Join us. We’ll help you every step of the way.

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Submit an application form

Fill out the application form with basic information.

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Virtual interview with founder

This is expected to take no longer than 15 minutes, and its purpose is to assess compatibility, ensure you possess a comprehensive grasp of TutorLyft, and address any questions you may have.

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Record your introductory video

This will be conducted virtually, and no prior preparation is necessary. Additional details will be provided during the virtual interview.

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Start tutoring students on TutorLyft

After your video has been edited, added to your profile, and you are confident in using our booking system, we can proceed to make your profile publicly accessible! Get paid bi-monthly and opt to work with fewer or more students as you go.

Every student should have the support of a tutor who cares.

What if your guidance and words of encouragement were all a student needed to make it all “click”? Whether you’re an active (or retired🙂) teacher looking for flexible source of income, a new graduate looking for more hands-on educational experience, or a lifelong tutor – join TutorLyft's remote tutoring community to impact the lives of individual students, while creating a more equitable educational environment for all.

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Common questions

Some questions asked by the members of our community.


What's the approval criteria to be a tutor?

At TutorLyft, we vet through every single tutor application and that can take up to a week sometimes. We have an approval rate of ~10%, yes - we ensure quality and passionate tutors in the community. Our criteria for approval are:

• Relevant experience in the industry ( > 3+ years)
• Has past experience in a role involving tutoring/teaching
• Passionate about educating others and making a meaningful difference in the lives of students
• Excel in clear and effective communication
• Are committed to offering customized, student-focused learning experiences

How many new students can I expect after partnering with TutorLyft?

TutorLyft provides prospective learners and parents with the opportunity to choose the right tutor for their needs. Since we do not refer learners (they choose you), results vary from tutor to tutor. That said, on average we aim to produce 3 to 5 new student bookings per month, per tutor.

What subjects can I teach?

Currently, we're concentrating on delivering math tutoring services for students ranging from kindergarten to university level. As we expand, we aim to incorporate a diverse array of subjects. If you specialize in teaching areas other than math, we still encourage you to apply.

What computer equipment do I need to teach on TutorLyft?

You will need a laptop or a desktop computer, a stable internet connection, a webcam, and a microphone for conducting lessons. TutorLyft will provide a Zoom link for every session. We also strongly recommend being in a quiet space that’s free of potential distractions for you or students.

What channels does TutorLyft use to market to potential learners or their parents?

TutorLyft is always exploring new ways to market our service and partner tutors. We invest heavily in search engine marketing and optimization, social media marketing, content marketing, and email marketing. Additionally, our goal will be to actively engage with academic institutions to broaden your exposure.

I live in a rural or remote area. Can I still partner with you?

Absolutely! So long as you have a desktop or laptop with a strong internet connection we can film your intro video and you can work with students.

Pricing, booking, and payments

I’m confused by the pricing. Can you explain?

For all clients you acquire via TutorLyft, we act as the payment platform. Clients pay us, and we pay you. We charge 20% of the session rate. You will be paid in bulk, on a bi-monthly basis.

Do clients have to keep booking with me via TutorLyft, or can I book them in directly?

If a client initially finds you via TutorLyft, we require you to keep working with them (i.e. collecting session fees) via TutorLyft.

I don’t want to accept direct bookings, can I still partner with you?

No. To maintain an ideal client experience, it’s necessary for our partners to offer at least one direct booking option for clients (unless your workload is full and you have a waitlist).

Do clients pay me or TutorLyft?

Clients pay TutorLyft directly at the time of booking their session. We then pay you twice a month via direct deposit.

How frequently do I get paid?

TutorLyft pays bi-monthly via direct deposit. We use stripe as our payments platform.

Can I cancel anytime?

Yes. There is no contract. We don’t believe in locking you in, and want to be continually proving our value to you and your business.

Creating the intro video

I'm anxious about being on video. How intimidating is the experience?

We totally get that being on camera can be nerve-wracking! That's why we take our time during filming to help you relax and show your best self. Plus, more footage means more options for your final video. We've got you covered!

Do I have to pay for my introductory video?

No, the video is complimentary and part of the onboarding process. We're committed to creating a video you'll love. If you feel tweaks are needed, we're all ears for discretionary edits. Rest assured, nothing goes live without your thumbs-up!

Can I use my own video for my TutorLyft listing?

No. Since we have our own standard process for video production, we require all partners to produce a video alongside our team.

I live in a rural or remote area. Can I still partner with you?

Absolutely! So long as you have a desktop or laptop with a strong internet connection we can film your intro video and you can work with students.