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Maximize academic productivity with our custom Notion template

Watch our tutorial below to see how the TutorLyft Notion template can transform the way you track assignments and deadlines. Ready to get organized? Simply enter your name and email, and start customizing your free template ⬇️

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Productivity powerhouse

Perfect for those passionate about productivity, this Notion template elevates your study routine to new heights.

Boost efficiency today

Use our template as your digital notebook to jot down notes during classes, ensuring organized, accessible information that boosts study efficiency.

Achieve more, faster

Utilize a Pomodoro timer, budget tracker, and job application tracker for streamlined academic and career management.

Simplify your workflow

Streamline your academic workflow by integrating assignments, deliverables, and a class notebook into one cohesive, easy-to-navigate template.


Find answers to frequently asked questions about TutorLyft.

How do I access and customize the Notion template?

To access the template, just enter your name and email below. You'll then be redirected to a page where you can duplicate the Notion template into your account.

From there, you can easily customize it according to your study needs and organizational preferences, making it an ideal tool for your academic and personal management.

How does the Notion template help with assignment and exam tracking?

Our Notion template makes it easy to keep track of assignments, exams, and deliverables. It features organized sections for entering due dates, exam schedules, and details about assignments, ensuring you’re always prepared and never miss a deadline.

Can I organize my study schedule using this Notion template?

Yes! The template is designed for you to create and manage a study schedule that works with your assignments and exam dates. It's a dynamic tool that helps keep your academic life organized and on track.

What features does the Notion template include for students?

The template is packed with student-friendly features, including a Pomodoro timer, budget and job application trackers, and dedicated sections for managing assignments, exams, and academic deliverables. It's a comprehensive tool for enhancing student productivity.

What makes this Notion template ideal for college students?

This template is specifically designed for college students, integrating academic and personal life management. It combines tools for financial tracking, job applications, and academic organization, catering to the diverse needs of college students.

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