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Student success toolkits

Master your studies with custom toolkits

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The Annual Planning Guide 🎯

A simple framework to achieve dramatic results.

The student budget worksheet

Keep all your finances in one place with our budgeting tool for students.

Customizable Resume and Cover letter template

Designed For: ✔️Word ✔️Pages ✔️InDesign. Simply download the template and start customizing.

Customizable PowerPoint template

A sleek PowerPoint template designed for impactful student presentations - available in multiple colours

Exam checklist: things to prepare the night before an exam

Prepare with ease the night before your exam with our checklist, for a worry-free test morning!

How to prepare for college or university in high school

Get college-ready with our High School Guide for a smooth transition!

Top 5 science-backed productivity hacks for students

Explore proven strategies to boost your study efficiency, reduce stress, and excel academically.

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