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We partner with K-12 schools, districts, colleges, and universities, embodying TutorLyft's commitment to fostering equitable access to personalized learning for students at every educational level. Our platform bridges the gap between students and highly qualified tutors, providing one-on-one support tailored to individual learning needs and schedules.

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TutorLyft offers a flexible, equitable solution for on-demand, one-on-one tutoring, enriching learning support at colleges, universities, and K-12 schools. Our online platform caters to all subjects and grade levels, providing an easy-to-use interface for students, teachers, and admins. We firmly believe that quality tutoring is as essential as the traditional back-to-school essentials.

Qualified, vetted tutors

No need to choose between good and plenty. We've done the tough job of finding, vetting, and managing lots of tutors who specialize in different subject areas. So, your students can quickly get the help they need, right when they need it.

On demand access

TutorLyft connects learners with the help they need to succeed, anytime and anywhere. Just a few clicks, and highly skilled tutors are ready to jump in, whether it's for a late-night study session or regular help with biochemistry.

Personalized learning

Learning is unique to each student. TutorLyft helps students find the perfect tutor for their specific needs – from solving a tricky algebra problem to gaining confidence or seeking a new academic challenge.

Better outcomes

School and district leaders rely on TutorLyft to tackle unfinished learning and enhance acceleration methods. Our top-rated service and support streamline the implementation of effective tutoring for every student, making it straightforward and efficient.

Use top-notch tutoring to become the top choice for students and parents

The quality of academic programs is a crucial factor in school selection. In addition to quality, modern students seek convenience and flexibility. Partnering with TutorLyft signals to current and prospective students that you are dedicated to their success, and that you're at the forefront of offering technology and resources to support that commitment.

For schools and districs

Give K-12 students more one-on-one help, without overloading your teachers and staff.

For colleges and universities

Redefine how your students access tutoring by offering extended hours with high-quality, vetted tutors.

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The TutorLyft Solution

A solution aligned with your goals

We partner with you to create a customized tutoring program that aligns with your educational objectives.

Experience and expertise

We leverage our extensive experience collaborating with tutors across Canada and a vast network of learners to guide your students towards seeking relevant, high-quality educational support.

Creating a supportive learning environment

We act as a facilitator, establishing a safe and supportive environment where students and parents can freely seek guidance and ask questions about their educational needs.

Expert tutors on demand

We link your students and parents with top tutors in Canada, ensuring they find the perfect match for their academic needs

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Find answers to frequently asked questions about TutorLyft.

How does TutorLyft align with our school's curriculum?

Our tutors are well-versed in the local educational standards and can tailor their teaching to reinforce classroom learning effectively.

How does TutorLyft ensure the quality of its tutors?

Quality is at the heart of TutorLyft. We rigorously vet each tutor through a comprehensive multi-step process. This includes verifying educational qualifications, conducting in-depth interviews to assess communication skills and teaching approach, and reviewing their previous teaching experience and to confirm their expertise and reliability. Our continuous performance monitoring and feedback system further ensures that only the best tutors are part of our team.

How does TutorLyft handle scheduling and availability for our students?

TutorLyft offers a flexible scheduling system that caters to the convenience of students and parents. Each tutor's availability is clearly listed on their profile, allowing bookings to be made at times that best suit the student's and parent's schedules. This ensures that extra academic support is readily accessible, fitting seamlessly into the busy lives of students without conflicting with their existing commitments. Our platform's user-friendly design makes finding and scheduling the right tutor hassle-free, ensuring a smooth and efficient tutoring experience.

How does TutorLyft ensure a personalized match between students and tutors?

At TutorLyft, we place great emphasis on the right fit between students and tutors, understanding that a strong match is key to successful learning. To facilitate this, every tutor has a personal video on their profile, offering a glimpse into their personality and teaching approach. Users can effortlessly filter options based on subject, academic level, and other preferences. This personalized approach ensures that students and parents can easily find a tutor whose expertise, teaching style, and demeanor perfectly match the student's individual needs and learning objectives.