Our story

TutorLyft is a 🇨🇦Canadian🇨🇦 owned and operated company that is built on the belief that every learner deserves support along their learning journey.

Our mission is simple: To improve student confidence and academic outcomes through personalized 1:1 tutoring.

We believe sessions are most impactful when students feel safe and understood, — which is why we care so much about finding you the right fit.

Our values

Be connected

We value the irreplaceable human connection between tutors and students. No technology can replicate the profound impact of personal interaction and mentorship.

Be individual

In a world where social media often portrays perfection, we recognize and celebrate that every student is on their own unique path. We support and guide them to achieve their personal best.

Be relentless

Pursue excellence with unwavering determination and perseverance. We are committed to overcoming challenges and pushing boundaries to ensure the best possible outcomes for our students.

Be lean

We use the least to achieve the most. We eliminate waste by focusing on high-impact endeavours, ensuring every resource and effort directly contributes to improving the learning experience for our students and the teaching experience for tutors.

Be daring

Make big bets and take calculated risks. It's not about being right, but about getting it right. Our goal is to continuously improve the learning experience for students, always striving for excellence in education.

Be considerate

Our aim is to provide quality education at a fair price while ensuring our tutors are well-compensated for their efforts. By valuing the contributions of our tutors and the aspirations of our students, we create a supportive and equitable environment where everyone can thrive.

Founder story

Hi, I'm Omar Andani, and I know firsthand how transformative the right educational support can be. There was a time when I was the poster child for academic struggles—plagued by poor grades, failed exams, and frequent absences from class.

While my friends had ambitious dreams of entering fields like medicine, law, or engineering, I was directionless after high school. I drifted between various schools, not fully appreciating the value of education, until I finally withdrew altogether.

Years later, a spark ignited within me—a desire to go back and earn a degree. Excited but anxious, I sat in my first math class, and instantly, that familiar sense of overwhelm washed over me. I wondered if I'd made a massive mistake. The school offered tutoring services, but it was a one-size-fits-all solution—five students clamoring for the attention of one tutor. It was far from the personalized guidance I craved.

Determined to change my trajectory, I began asking friends and family for tutor recommendations. After a few hit-or-miss experiences, I found a tutor who did more than just transfer knowledge; he made me passionate about learning. That connection was a game-changer for me. It propelled me not only to complete my bachelor's degree but also go on to earn a Master's of Management in Artificial Intelligence and an MBA.

Now, I've set out on a mission to pay it forward. My goal is to help you find the tutoring support you need to unlock your potential and realize what you can achieve. Because sometimes, all it takes to turn your academic life around is connecting with the right tutor.

Read more about my story by clicking here.

Our vision

In a world where education can often feel impersonal and inaccessible, we lead the belief that every student, regardless of their background, can achieve their academic and career goals with the right support. We envision a future where personalized education is the norm, empowering every learner to succeed and fulfill their dreams—today, tomorrow, and always.

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Our team

Our dedicated team is committed to helping students succeed.

Headshot of the founder
Omar Andani
Founder and CEO
Image of our founding tutor, Farhaan.
Farhaan Assar
Advisor and founding tutor
Image of our technical advisor, Connor.
Connor Finlayson
Advisor and founder of Unicorn Factory