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During the summer, your child's skills are in danger of slipping. Summer tutoring with TutorLyft is the answer. Benefit from our summer courses service, accessible to everyone across all subjects and grade levels. We offer a wide range of summer tutoring programs designed to prevent learning loss and keep students engaged throughout the break. Call now for more information.

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🌞 Summer tutoring 🌞: Bridge the gap and excel

Summer tutoring offers a prime opportunity to address learning gaps, reinforce knowledge, and enhance skills for the upcoming school year. Research indicates that students can lose over 2.6 months of skills gained in the previous school year during summer break, making it crucial to avoid summer learning loss. TutorLyft’s summer program is designed to counteract this loss, ensuring your child continues to develop their abilities and enters September prepared. As the new school year begins, you’ll see your child standing out, ready and ahead of their peers. Engaging in summer learning is essential to prevent boredom and promote academic growth, keeping children engaged and away from mindless electronics.

How can Summer tutoring help?


Course recovery


Reinforce Knowledge: Our summer tutoring helps kids who’ve hit a bump with failing courses, especially in reinforcing the knowledge from the previous year.


Catch Up on Academic Gaps: It’s a crucial step for students to catch up on academic gaps and prepare for retakes, right from home.


Boost Confidence: Our tutors focus on encouragement, boosting confidence, and setting achievable goals from day one.


Customized Support: With customized help, your child will have the support they need to strengthen their understanding of past material.


Start the New School Year Strong: Ensuring they can turn things around and start the new school year on a high note.


Solidifying foundations


Deepen Understanding: Our summer tutoring isn’t just for catching upβ€”it’s also perfect for students who’ve passed their courses but want to deepen their understanding before the new school year.


Solid Foundation: Since academic concepts build on each other year after year, having a solid grasp of last year’s material is crucial for tackling the more challenging topics ahead.


Bridge Learning Gaps: Strengthening their foundation over the summer can bridge any learning gaps and equip students to step into the next school year with confidence.


Readiness to Excel: Solidifying foundational knowledge now is key to being well-prepared for the upcoming academic year.


Set Up for Success: Ensuring students are set up for success in facing future academic challenges.


Preparing for the upcoming academic year


Get a Head Start: Every new school year comes with its own set of challenges. Summer tutoring can give students a head start by enhancing their existing skills.


Early Introduction: Introducing next year’s concepts early ensures students are not just prepared but well-prepared.


Stay Ahead: Students will be ahead of their peers, ready to tackle the year with confidence.


Boost Confidence: This approach helps students start the new school year with a strong sense of confidence.


Prepared for Challenges: Ensures students are ready to face the academic challenges of the upcoming school year.

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Summer tutoring frequently asked questions

How can I prepare for the next grade over the summer with TutorLyft?

Preparing for the next grade over the summer can be fun, challenging, and rewarding. Spending just a few minutes each day on subjects like Math, Physics, Chemistry, or French can significantly boost retention and help you master new skills. Building confidence, practicing regularly, and preparing effectively can all be achieved with the help of summer tutoring programs led by experienced tutors at TutorLyft. Our tailored summer programs ensure students are well-prepared and confident for the upcoming school year.

How can I practice math at home over the summer?

Practicing math at home over the summer should be fun and engaging. The best methods depend on your knowledge, ability, and grade level. Here are some tips to keep your interest piqued:

‍Incorporate Math into Daily Activities: Find ways to practice math during everyday activities. This could include playing math games, solving practice problems online, or involving math in cooking or shopping.

‍Read Math Stories: Engage with short math stories that combine learning with reading fun.

‍Play Educational Board Games: Board games can be a great way to practice math skills while having fun with family and friends.

‍Attend Summer Math Camps or Programs: One of the most effective ways to practice is to attend summer math camps or enroll in structured summer math programs. These programs provide guided learning and help you stay ahead.

By incorporating these activities, you can make math practice enjoyable and productive throughout the summer.

How do I know if my child needs summer practice before the next school year begins?

Determining if your child needs summer practice before the next school year can be straightforward. Here are some key indicators:

‍Review Final Grades: Look at the final grades your child received in these subjects. Are their grades lower compared to their performance in other subjects?

‍Attitude Towards the Subject: Does your child speak negatively about the subject? Do they express frustration or a lack of interest?

‍Consistent Struggles: Since each year builds on the previous year's knowledge, continued struggles in a subject are likely if they are struggling now.

If you notice any of these signs, it may be beneficial to seek extra summer help. Summer tutoring experts can provide the support your child needs, whether they are below, at, or above grade level, ensuring they are well-prepared for the upcoming school year.4o

Why is it important for my child to practice academic subjects like Math over the summer?

Practicing over the summer is crucial for several reasons:

‍Prevent Learning Loss: The long summer break can lead to significant learning loss. Regular practice helps retain knowledge and skills acquired during the school year.

‍Build a Strong Foundation: Subjects like math, physics, chemistry, and French build on concepts learned previously. Strengthening these foundational skills over the summer prepares students for more advanced topics in the upcoming school year.

‍Boost Confidence: Continuous learning and practice can boost your child's confidence in their academic abilities, making them feel more prepared and less anxious about returning to school.

‍Fill Learning Gaps: Summer practice provides an opportunity to address and fill any learning gaps, ensuring your child is on track with their peers.

‍Develop a Positive Attitude: Engaging in fun and interactive learning activities can help develop a positive attitude towards education, making learning enjoyable rather than a chore.

Overall, summer practice ensures that your child remains engaged, motivated, and ready to face new academic challenges with confidence.

Are the tutoring services eligible for tax deduction ?

Yes, tutoring services qualify for tax deductions. Additionally, some insurance plans may partially reimburse the expenses incurred from our services. We recommend reaching out to your insurance provider for specific details. For further information on tax deduction eligibility and guidelines, please visit our detailed page: Is Tutoring Tax Deductible in Canada? Is Tutoring Tax Deductible in Canada?

How quickly can I start my first tutoring lesson?

At TutorLyft, we guarantee to match you with a tutor for virtual or in-person tutoring services within 24 to 48 hours. Each tutor’s availability is clearly displayed on their profile, allowing you to find a time that suits you. Simply book a session to begin your tutoring journey.

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