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Tutoring - Remedial Assistance

Need school support? Take advantage of our catch up/remedial assistance service available to all students, regardless of the subject or of the grade level.

Bridging the Gap : Remedial and Catch-Up Assistance

Is your child struggling in school or not performing as well as their classmates? Our catch-up/remedial assistance service is designed to help. Our team will carefully match your child with a tutor who fits their personality and learning needs. After the initial session, the tutor will craft a personalized action plan to focus on the areas that need improvement. Through tailored explanations and exercises, your child will address their specific challenges and learn effective study strategies to boost their academic performance.


Bridge learning gaps

Our remedial support service offers targeted assistance to help students overcome difficulties in any subject, making the daunting task of catching up manageable and achievable. In the first session, tutors evaluate the student's challenges to set clear goals. Through personalized sessions, students can address misunderstood concepts, track their progress with tailored exercises, and gain the confidence to ask questions. This one-on-one support ensures that students can master challenging material and close the learning gap effectively.


Boost confidence

At TutorLyft, we prioritize the selection of our tutors to create a vibrant and motivated team with diverse personalities. This diversity ensures that every student is matched with a tutor who complements their own personality. A strong tutor-student relationship fosters a conducive learning environment, boosting the student's motivation. As students see improvements in their academic performance and receive positive reinforcement from their tutors, they naturally build self-esteem and confidence.


Stay on track

Maximizing academic progress requires ongoing effort from the student, even after catching up. Tutors can provide timely support, such as before exams, to ensure students tackle challenges as they arise. This continuous engagement allows students to maintain their academic trajectory alongside their peers, seamlessly integrating newfound understanding and skills into their daily school life.

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No contracts, subscriptions, or long-term commitments. Just simple, pay-as-you-go pricing starting from just $25.

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Remedial assistance

How often and how long are the tutoring sessions?

At TutorLyft, we don't have a set requirement for the number of hours. Understanding that every student's needs are unique, our tutors provide flexible scheduling options. These include free consultations, 30-minute sessions, 1-hour sessions, and extended multi-hour bookings, allowing for a personalized approach to learning.

How does billing work ?

Billing is straightforward and secure at TutorLyft. Payments are processed via credit card at the time of booking. We value flexibility and transparency, hence there are no contracts, subscriptions, or long-term commitments required.

Are the tutoring services eligible for tax deduction ?

Yes, tutoring services qualify for tax deductions. Additionally, some insurance plans may partially reimburse the expenses incurred from our services. We recommend reaching out to your insurance provider for specific details. For further information on tax deduction eligibility and guidelines, please visit our detailed page: Is Tutoring Tax Deductible in Canada?

How quickly can I start my first tutoring lesson?

At TutorLyft, we guarantee to match you with a tutor for virtual tutoring services within 24 to 48 hours. Each tutor's availability is clearly displayed on their profile, allowing you to find a time that suits you. Simply book a session to begin your tutoring journey.

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